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Meet the PopLab Team

Welcome to our lab! May we introduce ourselves?

Individually, we have launched brands pioneering groundbreaking technologies like the world's first robot vacuum cleaner, chestrated captivating shows at prestigious events like New York Fashion Week, propelled brand fame via your favorite films and TV shows, and formulated branding and PR strategies that have propelled scores of unforgettable "it-brands."

It is so nice to meet you!

Kathleen Nelson

Marketing and Pop Culture Strategist

Kathleen possesses a deep belief in the transformative power of integrating marvelous brands into the very fabric of our joyful experiences. Whether it be through television shows, music, films, fashion, or art, she envisions a harmonious blend that elevates these brands to unprecedented magnificence. Through her expertise and relentless dedication, she has played a pivotal role in propelling numerous unknown startups to the iconic status of pop culture, leaving an indelible mark on society. One notable example of her influence is the Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner that achieved such prominence that it even became a beloved character in its own right on television.


Inspired by her extensive network of talented individuals, including writers, producers, agents, record labels, prop masters, set designers, and esteemed TV and film studios, Kathleen thrives on the collaborative energy that fuels her work. Each day, she finds inspiration and motivation from these creative professionals who share her passion for seamlessly blending brands into the tapestry of our entertainment and cultural landscape.


Kathleen's dreams reflect her love for the enchanting world of entertainment. In a fictional dream scenario, she resides in the captivating "Something's Gotta Give" house and her entire wardrobe is meticulously crafted by the legendary costumer Edith Head.

Lori Riviere

Director of Publicity Relations and Event Management

Lori Riviere is an influential marketing powerhouse at the forefront of the pop culture landscape. She began her career in fashion producing and managing PR for top shows at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Embracing the potential of influencers and celebrities as catalysts for social media buzz, Lori spearheaded a paradigm shift in how brands forge connections to their target audiences and drive sales.


Over the years Lori has channeled her expertise in fashion and culture to help brands ranging from technology and consumer packaged goods successfully connect with these audiencesArmed with an unrivaled understanding of consumer behavior and armed with innovative strategies, she has helped numerous brands navigate the ever-changing landscape of pop culture and leave an indelible mark in the minds of consumers.


By leveraging her vast network of industry contacts and her innate understanding of what captivates audiences, Lori consistently delivers results that surpass expectations.

Jenny Russo

Technology PR Director

Jenny has represented every type of consumer technology company, from robotic baby gear and innovative mosquito repellent technology to smart go-karts for kids and established brands like Google and Toshiba. She has also collaborated with numerous C-level executives and founders to establish them as thought leaders in their respective industries.


She understands the importance of positioning her clients strategically, helping them gain recognition and influence within their markets. Jenny's goal-oriented approach is evident in her drive to secure top-tier press coverage that has a measurable impact on her clients' success. If Jenny wasn’t in PR, she would be a residential architect, something she has dreamed about being since she was young.

Nicole Doswell

Publicist & Creative Director

Nicole Doswell has over a decade of publicity and fashion/lifestyle experience and got her start as a talent agent at one of the world's top modeling agencies. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University she started her career in Fashion, and today is a creative director, producer, casting director and publicist.  Nicole has a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Yale University and several years ago she founded Models of Color Matter, a movement and call to action for brands and media to increase representation, equity and diversity. Her commitment to diversity allows her to look at projects and campaigns with an inclusive lens to help brands pop to on a global scale.

Mandi Lebbos

Creative Director & Publicist

Mandi Lebbos is a highly passionate individual with a deep love for design and creation. Her true happiness lies in being on set, where she can bring her creative visions to life. She recognizes the importance of designing creatives that align with the brand's identity and strives to establish a strong connection between brands and their target consumers.

With her extensive background in PR and Marketing, Mandi excels at creating compelling content that is both irresistible and thrilling, regardless of the brand or concept she is working with. She understands the entire process from brand conception to launch and beyond, and she thrives in delivering exceptional results throughout each stage. Mandi Lebbos is a valuable asset to any team or project, consistently ensuring that the brand's message is effectively communicated to its audience while maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity. Her dedication and expertise in crafting engaging content make her an indispensable force in the world of design and marketing.

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